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 San Pietro in Vincoli

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PostSubject: San Pietro in Vincoli   Fri Jul 13, 2007 9:16 pm

I love you I love this church!! The first time I was there in 2006, I keend in front of the chains and I was so ...moved...these were the CHAINS of St. Peter!!! Shocked I was absolutely fascinated. Very Happy . The next thing I watched was this terrific statue of Michelangelo- I really was totally impressed, and I think its my favorite figure from Michelangelo. Here the pics I made in 2006:

These were made in 2007- with a friend of mine who took some pics of me, praying in front of the chains

Grave for Julius Cesar




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PostSubject: Re: San Pietro in Vincoli   Fri Jul 13, 2007 9:57 pm

Great pictures!!! Thank you Very Happy
When I was in Rome with my classmates we were trying to find that church. But we didn't know the way, so we tried to ask. But you know, not many Italians know English. We rememberd the word vincoli, but we were not sure, if it really means chains. So we were showing them our hands in a position one could think it means chained, and repeating the word vincoli. Some of them looked really scared. They thought we are freaks who ask them to chain our hands. So, no miracle, we didn't find it.
But last year I was back in Rome. This time prepared Smile and with map. That statue is really great. It is almost hard to believe that Pieta from Saint Peter's is also from Michelangelo. I'll try to find something more about the chains. There is some story behind them. The Moses is from unfinished monument for pope Julius II. It should be very big with about 40 figures (some its statues are now in Louvre) and Michelangelo wanted to finish it so much. But it was not to be. Pope wanted him to paint the Sistine chapel. And Michelangelo hated it. He considered himself a sculptur not a painter. So when finally the Sistine chapel was ready and Michelangelo could continue, pope died and his family refused to pay so much money for a monument.
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PostSubject: Re: San Pietro in Vincoli   Sat Jul 14, 2007 1:04 pm

I visited that church the first time i was in rome but the second time when I went there it was closed 'cause it was at noon .It's not that hard to find it.If u go on Via Cavour right around the metro station called Cavour u'll see some stairs and if u go to the top of those stairs and go right u'll end up in the small square where that church is located.
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PostSubject: Re: San Pietro in Vincoli   

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San Pietro in Vincoli
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