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 What's this about and I need a help!!!

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PostSubject: What's this about and I need a help!!!   Sat Jul 14, 2007 8:09 pm

Few years ago there was a exhibition in Utrecht. The name of the exhibition was: Papal Splendour. Treasures of the Vatican.
On the invitation was writtent this (I just copy it here Smile )
Museum Catharijneconvent in Utrecht is offering an exceptional exhibition which highlights over seventy objects from the papal sacristy, a pace not open to visitors. For the first time these items will be shown outside the Vatican and it is an important event for the Netherlands. The exhibition will also include objects from the Lateran Palace, the Treasury of St Peter's and Rome Museum. All of the treasures were made in the course of the past two centuries for eleven different popes and they are lavishly decorated with gold, silver and precious stones. Historic images complete the exhibition. Papal Splendour is offering a unique opportunity to take a close look at these splendid hidden treasures."
Could be beautiful. Anyway, I have a cathalog, it's a big book with 140 pages full of great pictures and, what is more important, it contains almost all informations about Vatican, pope, liturgie (that's what I am interested in), ... I am going to post interesting articles and pictures from it.
Well, cathalog is in Dutch language, so it can look really bad when I try to translate, (hope you will understand). The foreword is in Italian. It is written by Piero Marini, so seems to be really important. Strangely enough, there's no translation of it. Can somebody help me to translate it from Italian to English???? Please!!!
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What's this about and I need a help!!!
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